Urban Chic + Cayetano + Allie Kingsley!!

Through the month of November Urban Chic Georgetown will be hosting a Cayetano Legacy Collection jewelry trunk show! This jewelry is AMAZING and adds a glamorous touch to every outfit.

Take a look at how perfectly these necklaces go with any Urban Chic dress:

Shoshanna, Pheobe Dress in Camel, $345; Cayetano, Josephine Necklace in Garnet, $149.

Shoshanna, Rib Hattie Dress in Multi, $360; Cayetano, Anna Necklace in White, $69.

Rebecca Taylor, Silk Solid Dress in Black, $295; Cayetano, Carneth in Green, $99.

Tibi, Sleeveless Dress in Black Multi, $385; Cayetano, Malouvy in Agate, $119.

Shoshanna, Belle Dress in Magenta, $340; Cayetano Maximina in Turquoise, $139.

Shoshanna, Cassidy Dress in Magenta, $345; LA Showroom, Belt in Black; Cayetano, Anna Necklace in Black, $69.

Rebecca Taylor, Sequin Silk Strapless Dress in Emerald, $365; Cayetano Rosita Necklace in Orange, $129.

We have more fun to add to the jewelry trunk show! Now that the cold weather is here…it is time to cozy up with a great book. Allie Kingsley is one of our favorite authors, her book The Liar, The Bitch and the Wardrobe is a fun and chic read! You can pick up your own autographed copy at Urban Chic Georgetown! Doesn’t get any better than that ladies!

Hope you are having a great week and getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday!


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