Recap of Our Afternoon Tea with Emily Giffin!!

It is so hard to put into words how great this event was last week. First off, Emily Giffin is AMAZING. She showed up in the electric blue Shoshanna dress(Available at UC Georgetown!!) with her camera in hand snapping pictures of everyone anxiously awaiting her arrival in the store. Hundreds of fashionable ladies lined up with a copy of her new book Where We Belong, waiting for the chance to get a picture with her, and that famous signature.

This was an event well-worth using up your lunch break for. And besides, the treats from Petite Social were delicious. Probably the best cake pops I have ever had! Look at the amazing tea-theme treats Petite Social put together..

Not only did we have Emily Giffin, but Inslee Haynes also stopped by! She created the print for the event!

Inslee Haynes & Emily Giffin

Inslee’s print & some of the books Barnes & Noble brought to the store..

Inslee’s design she created for the event.

Emily Giffin was great with all of her fans, she signed as many books as people brought and posed for countless photos!

Emily Giffin & Urban Chic Girls:

We want to thank everyone so much for coming out to the book signing!! We had such so much fun! Make sure to check out our Facebook page for all of our upcoming events!

Also–A BIG thanks to Katie Nannes who put this event together!!

Katie Nannes & Emily Giffin


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