Your Chic Holiday What To Wear Guide

OMG!!!  It is the week before Christmas!!!  Can you believe it is almost here?!?  I don’t know about you all, but I have had soooo many holiday events, and I can’t believe we still have more to attend!  It’s fun, but I am definitely running out of outfits (ok, maybe not really, but I FEEL like I am!).  So…it is time to go through all of the BEAUTIFUL clothes at Urban Chic Georgetown and Bethesda one last time for that perfect outfit for each occasion!

What To Wear… to a Holiday Work Party 

Rachel is wearing: Trina Turk, Fosse Dress, $348; AnZell, Black Pumps, $63

The colors in this dress are so much fun!!  It is definitely beats wearing a LBD!

What To Wear…to a Holiday Party with Friends 

Kristin is wearing: Leona, Leighton Dress in Tweed, $299

You can definitely have a little bit more fun with an outfit with friends, rather than your co-workers!  And, this dress has the perfect bit of sparkle, edgy extras like the zipper in front, and you have to come into Urban Chic Georgetown to see the back…it really is fabulous!!!

What To Wear…to a Last Minute Christmas Shopping Outing

Kristin is wearing: Soft Joie, Suvi Tee in Eggshell, $98; Citizen of Humanity, Avedon Skinny Jeans in Acai Purple, $174; Rebecca Minkoff, MAC Clutch in Lavender, $295

You definitely want to be comfy when you go shopping for the last time before Christmas!  I say skinny jeans (especially in purple!), a comfy tee, and a cross-body bag are the best way to go!!

What To Wear… to a Religious Service

Rachel is wearing: Rebecca Taylor, Faux Wrap Dress in Leopard, $295; Rebecca Minkoff, Mini 5-Zip in Red, $195; AnZell, Black Pumps, $63

This dress is conservative, but also really fun because of the leopard print!  Throw in a red bag, and it really makes this outfit special!

What To Wear…on Christmas Day

Rachel is wearing: Autumn Cashmere, Fair Isle Cardigan, $345; Splendid, Layering Tank in Black, $48; Trina Turk, Skinny Minnie Leggings, $158; Hunter, Original Boots in Piller Box Red, $125; AnZell, Necklace, $26

COMFY is exactly what you want to be!  So, what’s better than leggings and a big chunky sweater!  And, if you are going someplace FRIGID, like me, nothing is better than Hunter Boots to beat the cold and the snow.

What To Wear…to a post-Christmas Get Together 

Kristin is wearing: Diane von Furstenberg, Anne Top in Pink Sand; AG, Belle Jean, $168

This outfit is relaxed, but also a bit dressy.  The AG Belles are extremely soft and comfortable (you HAVE to try them if you haven’t yet!), but the dark color makes them dressy.

AND…not only do we have you covered in terms of the perfect outfit, but we are also having some fun events this week!

Make sure you stop by one of our Last Minute Shopping Soirees!  Plus, we are having a great sale on TOPS…25% off through Thursday!!!  Happy Holidays!!!


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