New to the Urban Chic Family…

If you’ve been shopping at our Georgetown location this summer, you may have noticed a pretty new face behind the register.  The lovely Jennifer Thomas, formerly a meteorologist from Indiana (she’s beautiful AND can tell you the weather!) is the latest addition to the Urban Chic family as Assistant Store Manager.  Plus, she’s taking on part-time blogging duties, bringing you the latest from our Georgetown and Bethesda locations!  She’s also one of the sweetest gals I’ve ever met, so I highly recommend stopping by to welcome her to Washington (and to ask her about the newest arrivals from Shoshanna—the girl is obsessed!)  In the meantime, you and I can both get to know Jen a little bit better. I sat down with her to find out more about her style, upcoming trends, and advice for chic shoppers.

Jen is wearing: Rebecca Taylor, Rose Garden Blouse in Fuschia Combo, $275; Citizens of Humanity, Ava Straight Leg Jeans in Halo, $208

K:  Jen, one of the best things about having you at our Georgetown store is that you bring a totally new style to the Urban Chic mix! How would you describe your personal look?

J:  I am definitely a classic dresser.  I love buying pieces that will stay in my closet for many different seasons, but I also love girly pieces!  Generally, if it is pink, I will buy it!  And, I love accessories!  So, I always try to dress up my classic pieces with earrings, a necklace, or a Love Quotes scarf.

K: Yes, I must say that I adore your timeless look and that you stay true to it without succumbing to trends!  Do you have any style icons that you look to for wardrobe inspiration?

J:  Well, I love Blair Waldorf from “Gossip Girl”, Katie Holmes, and Kate Middleton!  I love that they have a classic and sophisticated style, but they always mix it up with a fun accessory, bright color, or some kind of trendy twist.

K: Speaking of the lovely princess, you recently got married yourself!  And luckily, your awesome husband is totally understanding of your little shopping habit.  You’ve made some great purchases lately; do you have a favorite?  Is it even possible to pick just one?

J:  Seriously, I love every single piece I have bought, but right now I am completely IN LOVE with one of my most recent purchases from the Shoshanna Fall Collection (of course)!  It is the Cap Sleeve Shift Dress in Coral.  I LOVE the fit, the fabric, and the overall look of the dress.  I can wear it with flats, heels, tights, bare legs, etc.  It is the perfect dress!

Katie is wearing: Diane von Furstenberg, Carpreena Dress in Mini Cube, $365; Rebeca Taylor, Cloud Leopard Cardigan in Feather Grey, $295; Jen is wearing: Shoshanna, Cap Sleeve Sheath Dress in Coral, $340; Hyla Dewitt, Cleo Necklace in Gold and Black, $145

K: Totally with you on that one…that dress was so popular that I waited a day too long and missed out on the olive version!  I’m still mourning it.  Now I’m depressed and don’t want to talk to you anymore.  Oh, just kidding, I’m over it…with all the new Shoshanna we’re getting next week for Fashion’s Night Out and our Pop-Up Shop, I am beside myself and giddy with excitement!  I know that you are too…do you have a favorite piece that our shoppers simply MUST check out?

J:  How can you have a favorite piece when every single one is PERFECT?!  I love all of the colors, fabrics, and shapes, but I am definitely drooling over the Funnel Neck Coat in Olive.  It is so versatile…you can wear it as your everyday coat, or with a cocktail dress.  Plus, the color is AMAZING!

Jen is wearing: Shoshanna, Funnel Neck Coat in Olive, $450; Katie is wearing: Shoshanna, Draped Dress in Multi, $350

K:  I have to agree…ladies, if you are only going to purchase ONE GREAT PIECE this fall, make it a gorgeous, classic coat in an amazing color!  Jen, working in our Georgetown store each day you get to interact with so many stylish customers…what have you learned from them that you’d like to pass on to other shoppers?

J:  A lot of our chic clients are shopping for transition and layering pieces.  They are buying clothes that they can transition from summer to fall.  Or, sweaters that they can wear with shorts and a tank top, but with jeans and a long sleeve shirt once it gets cold.  We have so many pieces in the store right now that you can take from season-to-season.  And, I really think those are the best pieces to own!

Jen is wearing: 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent, Cascade Sweater in Camel, $260; J Brand, Low Rise Skinny Jeans in Shadow, $185; Splendid, Layer Tank in White, $48

K:  Fashionable AND economical; who wouldn’t love that?  Do you have any other advice?

J:  I always suggest that everyone dresses for their body type and what they feel comfortable in. Just because a certain trend works for one person, it doesn’t mean it works for everyone.  If you feel like yourself in a certain dress, top, etc., then you know it works for you!

Jen is wearing: Shoshanna, Tab Waist Dress in Plum Tweed, $375

And there you have it!  Be sure to stop by Fashion’s Night Out next Thursday, September 8 to introduce yourself to Jen and check out her Shoshanna faves in person.  Plus, I happen to know that she’ll be giving you all a Pop-Up Shop sneak peek early next week on this very blog, so stay tuned!  Have a great week everyone!


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