Behind the scenes at a very Chic photo shoot

If you’re a regular reader of Living Chic, you might be inclined to think that all we do  is try on clothes, host parties and trunk shows, and drink champagne.  Well, I’m not going to say that you’re WRONG; we absolutely do those things…but we work really hard too!  Just last week, we dragged our chic butts out of bed bright and early, loaded up our cars with the latest and greatest fall arrivals, and trekked over to the American Visionary Art Museum for a daylong photo shoot.  You can check out the gorge pics on our website or in upcoming print ads, but to get a taste of what went on behind the scenes, look no further…

If there was one true star of the shoot (besides these ahhhhh-mazing bright green Hunter boots) it was Priscilla’s HAIR!  The incredible Kelley Small of Amie Decker Beauty curled, twisted, braided, and pinned Ms. P’s long blond locks into a ton of fab creations, each one better than the last.

Holy MAKEUP!  This is like my dream come true. Makeup artist Amie Decker made Priscilla’s lovely face even MORE camera-ready with the help of local gal Christine Penny’s line of Angelberry Organics cosmetics.  All-natural AND pretty; what more could you ask for?

Our photog for the day, Mike Buscher of Mike Buscher Photography, got some of the most unbelievably cool shots!  If you’ve got a wedding coming up (or really just like pictures of yourself), he comes highly recommended.

Check out that that model-perfect pout…P, I think Tyra Banks is calling!

Another heart-breakingly gorgeous shot…love it!

Check out that aerial view!  Priscilla is posing with our favorite AVAM character, Fifi the pink poodle.

Our buyer Courtney was happy to lend Mike a hand to get the lighting perfect for this shot.

Another cool AVAM buddy.   And isn’t P a knockout in this Parker maxi dress and bright red lips?

Flourescent green rain boots with a cocktail dress?  Why not?

Urban Chic owner Lindsay (center) with hairstylist Kelley (left) and makeup artist Amie (right).  Great job on the shoot, ladies!

Me and Courtney, just hanging out with our robot buddies after a long (but fun!) day.

Many thanks to the American Visionary Art Museum, Mike Buscher Photography, Amie Decker Beauty, and Angelberry Organics for making our shoot a huge success.  We can’t wait for the next one.  I hope you enjoyed taking a backstage peek at our day on location….have a great weekend!


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One thought on “Behind the scenes at a very Chic photo shoot

  1. Lindsay and Priscilla look really dishy wearing their bright green Wellingtons, they are lovely, I think I may buy a pair.

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