Oh my TIBI!

What are you doing right now?  Like, right this second, what are you doing?  If you’re on the ball and readily check this blog itching to see what I have to tell you then you caught me, you’re probably under the covers with a glass of wine, BUT if you are sitting at your desk sipping an iced coffee workin’ for the weekend then I have the BEST. NEWS. EVER – The Tibi Trunk Show is going on at Urban Chic Georgetown right now!!! Why do Fridays even exist if not for a long lunch a little shopping, am I right?  If you don’t already know, Tibi is fabulous – amazing summery silhouettes, bright colors, and vivid prints – super flattering and super fun.  So take advantage of this beautifully unseasonal weather and head on down to Urban Chic Georgetown for a spectacular summer something just for you.  Oh, and while you’re there enjoy some bubbly and a Hello Cupcake for me – heck, you might even see me there if you get in early (as per usual I will be drooling in the corner trying to snap some pics).  If I don’t see you though, have a fabulous and fashionable weekend, and I’ll see you next week!

And as a tease, I’ll leave you with a few of my fave Tibi pieces.  Gah I can’t even stand it….
(Pictures via)



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