You are unique…just like everybody else.

Is there anything worse than showing up at an event in a dress you spent hours agonizing over only to find that another guest (or two or three) are wearing the very same one?  Talk about a major fashion bummer. When I was in high school, the local dress shop actually made girls register their prom gowns to ensure that this horrifying situation never occurred.  I for one think this policy needs to be instituted everywhere, but until that happens (aka never) you’re going to need to wear something that can’t be found in every single mall across America. 

As always, Urban Chic is coming to the rescue with a dress trunk show full of pieces that are as unique as you are.  Kirribilla’s interesting details and romantic touches guarantee that you’ll be the best-dressed no matter what kind of soiree you’re attending.  If you’re got something special coming up this summer (and we know you do), stop by our Annapolis store today and Baltimore store tomorrow to snatch up one of these great pieces before they leave us for good.  We’re offering 25% off too, so you’ll have enough money left over for the perfect pair of sandals to match.  Just check out how cute Kelly looks in a few of our favorite styles…

Kelly is wearing: Kirribilla, Lucy Dress in Turquoise & White, $410

Kelly is wearing: Kirribilla, Dahlia Dress in Fuchsia, $450

Kelly is wearing: Kirribilla, Tinsley Dress in Turquoise, $395

Kelly is wearing: Kirribilla, Lexie Dress in Pink, $385


Kelly is wearing: Kirribilla, Deidre Dress in Dove Grey, $340

Can’t wait to see you there!



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