Icing on the (well-dressed) cake

I’ve always believed that a fabulous accessory can pump up even the most blah outfit…just ask my 10-year-old self and her sweet collection of giant flower-adorned hats that even Blossom herself would have killed to own. If you’ve found yourself in a sartorial rut as of late, wearing the same tired pieces again and again, no need for a complete wardrobe overhaul—just a little kickstart with these colorful pieces from our Baltimore store!

There’s nothing like a fun scarf to inject some life into your ensemble. And at only $15 to $20 each, why not buy all four?

Judy, Scarves in Navy Multi, $20; Leopard Black, $15; Brown Multi, $20; Leopard Fuchsia, $15.

So, you could spend hours digging through a vintage shop for the perfect oversized men’s watch…or you could snag one of these from La Mer and spend the rest of your time doing something more useful, like watching reality TV or stalking people on Facebook!

La Mer, Watches in Tan/Gold, $96; Brown/Copper, $96; Camel/Gold, $96; Gold, $96

If you are anything like me, your wallet serves more as a receptacle for old receipts, reward club cards, and the occasional gum wrapper and less as a place for actual money, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one of these! 

Judy, Wallets in Brown, $8; Black, $8; Yellow, $8; Teal, $8

Ok, so maybe Hanky Pankys aren’t EXACTLY accessories in that (hopefully) the general public is not going to see them, but I’m still going to argue that putting on one of these brightly colored thongs is the right start to ANY look!

Hanky Pankys, Low Rider Thongs in Assorted Colors, $18

I don’t think I’ll ever have enough handbags in my life, even though my husband (and overstuffed closet) will beg to differ. I’ve got my eye on that red one….what better way to cheer myself up on a rainy April day?

Urban Expressions, Roma Bags in Black, Neutral & Red, $79

All of our locations are bursting with accessories galore right now, so stop by to check out the goods and put some pep into your own wardrobe!



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