Take me out to the…horse races

Happy Saturday Chic Girls!  Finally, right?  I hope I saw a few of you Thursday and Friday at the trunk show – I did some damage, eesh (sorry Mom!), but everything was so amazing I couldn’t help myself! – if you missed it, though, you do have time to swing down to Annapolis still!  Go!  Go!

I thought this week(end) I would approach things a little differently; I know y’all love to hear about my faves and all that (right?), but I was thinking to myself the other day – how are these Chic Gals supposed to trust that I know what I’m talking about and whether I even have fashion conundrums (I do trust me).  So anyway, long story short, I have the perfect personal anecdote for you to see that Urban Chic is, in fact, saving my life, so here goes…

Next weekend is Easter, and while I’m super sad I wont be with my own family, I am very excited because I am going to Kentucky with Boyfriend and his family.  Wait.  Boyfriend. And. His. Family.  WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR?!  Seriously, this is a BIG issue, because I mean, I have to look cute, and they have to love me, and I have to be the favorite girlfriend…ok maybe not quite so crazy, but I do need to look cute, you know?

And so it goes, Urban Chic to the rescue!  With a little help from the girls over at Urban Chic Bethesda I have found the perfect outfits for our weekend of horse racing, church going, and Easter brunching (clearly you know by now brunching is my most favorite activity of all).

Friday Night: Dinner and drinks with the family

(L) Shoshanna Sweetheart Tulip Dress in Gold $357, Be-Je Coral & Gold Necklace $41; (R) Frock by Tracy Reese Naiomi Dress $218

For my first night in Kentucky I want to look cute but not over the top, and I thought either of these would be perfect – the Shoshanna is dressy, yes, but with flats and a cardigan it’s the perfect “first look”, and I love the brightness of Tracy Reese’s one shoulder with some turquoise jewels and wedges – adorable!

Saturday Day: Races

(L) Trina Turk St Tropez Dress $248, Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace Turquoise $74; (R) Shoshanna Ruffle Front Faux Wrap Dress $375, Be-Je Reversible Disc Necklace Gold $78
(L) Alice & Olivia Casey Dress in Salmon $297, Rebecca Minkoff Studded Rockette in Teal Alligator $150; (R) Shoshanna Strapless Bodice Dress in Ivory $340 Kendra Scott Ellis Necklace in Pink Agate $64

I love all four of these options for Saturday – heck, I might even do a mid-day outfit change, which, you can ask Boyfriend, I am notorious for as a direct result of over-package (what, gotta be prepared!).  The coral color of the Alice and Olivia dress is amazing and I love the sleeves, and I’ll have to bring my Rebecca Minkoff cross body, of course, for all of my essentials.  FINALLY it’s Easter and I can wear white without fear of ridicule – ha, like I’ve cared for the last two months – and I am OBSESSED with this swiss dot Shoshanna.  The texture is amazing and makes what otherwise be a basic white dress super special.

For something white but completely different I love this Trina Turk dress.  The neckline is a little more conservative, but the fabric is so playful and I’m dying over the necklace.  On the other hand, if I could bathe in this Shoshanna print I most certainly would.  I want to wear it every day for the rest of my life, thankyouverymuch.  Need. Want. Everything.

Sunday: Church and Brunch

Milly Cutaway Shift Dress $335
Milly Cutaway Shift Dress $335 (Back View)

While any of the previous pictures provide fabulous options for Sunday, I love this Milly dress.  A bit more conservative and appropriate for church (with sweater), but the print is youthful and versatile.  This dress is amazing: like a mullet, it’s serious in the front, party in the back – after church, I can take off my cardigan and show everyone the sassy cutout back, which I know will be a hit.

What can I say, I feel super (if not a bit over) prepared for a fantastic weekend away, and I hope this gives y’all some ideas for your next adventure too.  Whatever the next few weeks may bring – whether it’s horse races and family time or a casual brunch with pals, stop by Urban Chic Bethesda and let the amazing girls there help you with any fashion conundrum you might face.  Have a wonderful weekend, Chic Girls, see you soon!



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