Chic Girl on a Budget: April

There is no word in the English language that bums me out more than “budget.” Whenever my husband starts throwing out phrases like “building our savings” and “monthly clothing allowance” and, inevitably, “honey, where did this $300 charge come from?” my eyes glaze over as I curse the day we combined bank accounts. I’m kidding (sort of), but the truth is, these days we all could afford to be a little bit more careful with our hard-earned dollars.  Failing to look one’s best is obviously not an option for my chic readers, so lucky for you, Urban Chic Baltimore has put together some can’t-miss looks with price tags that won’t drain your wallet.

Chic Look # 1 Grand Total = $397  

First off, I think we can all agree that Lauren looks AMAZING here with hair and makeup compliments of Amie Decker Beauty. But what I’m really loving is the price of this outfit, especially when you consider that it includes this gorgeous necklace AND the bag! The color combo is perfect for spring, too. And if you’re really strapped for cash (I hear ya, sister), just swap out the necklace for a statement piece of your own to chop the price of the ensemble in half.

Lauren is wearing: Patterson J. Kincaid, Marigold Tank in PUMU, $98; Jack, Cheng Mini Skirt in Green, $57; Kiki Beach, Quartz Single Strand Necklace in Desert, $174; Urban Expressions, King Bag in Brown, $68. Grand total = $397

Chic Look #2 Grand Total = $212

Excuse me; I think I just passed out due to the utter shock that this awesome (and totally on-trend) outfit is just $212!  Dress, jacket, belt, bag….just add your own wedges or strappy sandals and you’re good to go. OMG I’m in cheap chic heaven!

Lauren is wearing: Jack, Shelty Jacket in Light Blue, $78; Obey, Navajo Dress in Heather Black, $70; Judy, Thick Waisted Belt in Brown, $15; Urban Expressions, Baltimore Bag in Brown, $49. Grand Total = $212

Chic Look #3 Grand Total = $337

Ok, so maybe you’re thinking that the $250 Joie dress featured in this photo isn’t exactly budget-worthy, but keep this in mind:  a cool dress like this stands out on its own (just check out that cutout back!) and will take you through summer and into fall.  A Missoni-inspired bangle (just $15!) and your fave heels are the only requirements, so no need to choke down ramen noodles for a month to pay for it.  

Lauren is wearing: Joie, Mona Dress in Caviar, $248; Judy, Missoni Inspired Bangles in Multi, $15 each; Urban Expressions, Leo Clutch in Grey, $44. Grand Total = $337

Lauren is wearing: Joie Mona Dress, Caviar, $248; Judy, Missoni Inspired Bangles in Multi, $15 each; Urban Expressions, Leo Clutch in Grey, $44. Grand Total = $337

Chic Look #4 Grand Total = $448

And just in case you’re feeling spendy this month, here is one TO DIE FOR Rebecca Taylor dress that all of us Urban Chic gals are obsessed with (modeled by the beautiful and talented Amie Decker herself!)  If you decide to blow your budget on this one great piece, I promise you won’t regret it.  (And if you have an extra $23 left over, these flat sandals are the perfect finishing touch.)

Amie is wearing: Rebecca Taylor, Rose Gown in Turquoise, $425; AnZell Flat Chain Sandal in Tan, $23. Grand Total = $448

And there you have it!  I hope that this month’s Chic Girl on a Budget finds help your bottom line AND your closet.  We’ll have more next month, so until then, keep your spending in check with wallet-friendly picks at ALL of our locations!



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