Dress for the Occasion

 When spring finally comes around after a long, bleak winter, I’m thrilled to say adios to my thick black tights and boots and rock my frocks bare-legged.  With all of the parties, weddings, graduations, and other dress-worthy occasions that start popping up this season, what better opportunity for me to show off my blindingly-white limbs to the world? (I know, you’re welcome).  So obviously, I couldn’t be more excited about all of the great dresses popping up at Urban Chic lately!  Here, Kelly models a few faves at Urban Chic Annapolis.

The perfect dress for…Easter Sunday Brunch

My Easter Sundays usually involved tearing around my parents backyard, bodychecking my brother and sister in pursuit of plastic eggs.  What can I say; I really stepped up my hunting game the year the Easter Bunny started putting money in the eggs in lieu of candy (Thanks, Mom!).  If YOUR Easter Sunday is a bit more, ahem, civilized, then wear this gorgeous Max and Cleo dress to brunch without worrying about landing facedown in a mud puddle because you tried to swipe the last pastel-colored orb. 

Kelly is wearing: Max and Cleo, Lori Dress in Multi, $128; Urban Expressions, Baltimore Bag in Purple, $49; Chamak, Bangles, $37.

The perfect dress for…a girls’ night out

I’m ashamed to admit to you that in my world, a girls’ night out usually includes at least two of the following:  a) dancing on a table/stage/bar, b) crying in the bathroom or a deserted alley, and c) spending the following day under the covers, praying to be put out of my misery.  Perhaps my nights wouldn’t go so woefully wrong if I wore an amazing dress like this one from Parker?  

Kelly is wearing: Parker, Strapless Dress in Blue Retro, $253; Urban Expressions, King Bag in Blue, $68.

The perfect dress for…your wedding festivities

Oh, to be a bride-to-be once again!  The attention, the gifts, the parties, the excitement.  Enjoy the moment while you can, because after the big night is over no one pays attention to you anymore. Take advantage of your moment in this breathtaking ivory lace Shoshanna, perfect for rehearsal dinners and engagement parties.

Kelly is wearing: Shoshanna, Strapless Tulip Skirt Dress in Ivory, $395.

The perfect dress for…a tropical vacation

I have an irrational fear of checking suitcases.  An airline has never lost my luggage, nor has anything ever broken and spilled on my precious clothing items.  However, my fear is real and it’s enough to make me only pack “second-rate” pieces on vacation—stuff that, if lost or ruined in flight, wouldn’t cause me to jump off a cliff.  But if I owned this  Alice & Trixie dress, could I REALLY live with myself I left it home, when it so perfectly belongs on some beautiful island somewhere?  I think I’d have to stuff it in my carry-on.

Kelly is wearing: Alice and Trixie, Long Phoebe Dress in Black, $258; Ray Ban, Aviators in Black, $139.

If YOU are search of a dress for any occasion, stop by any of our locations and we’ll help you find the perfect one.  Have an amazing week, Chic Girls!

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