Crushing on Shoshanna

We like a lot of designers here at Urban Chic, but one of them has a special place in our hearts—and closets!  Of course I’m talking about Shoshanna, who season after season continues to raise the bar with her heart-breakingly gorgeous dresses, resort wear, and bathing suits. We at Urban Chic don’t know what we’d do without her, but thank goodness we don’t need to imagine that terrifying scenario, because each and every season, sure enough, our racks are stuffed with the very best of her amazing collections. Here’s just a few of our faves from our Annapolis store.  

UC Annapolis Keyholder Kelly is glowing in this little ruffled white number. How could you not feel sweet and innocent in a dress like this? Dress it up with metallic sandals and delicate jewelry or dress it down with a cardigan, skinny belt, and flats. Either way, wear it absolutely everywhere this spring and summer. (Everywhere, that is, except a wedding, unless you want the bride shooting you the evil eye as she walks down the aisle). 

Shoshanna, Ruffle Cami Dress in White, $295; Judy, Bangles, $12; Urban Expressions, Fina Clutch in Cognac, $33; Multi-layered Chain Necklace, $30.

To me, this dress screams “lady who lunches.” And on a side note, how exactly does one become a lady who lunches?  Please clue me in, because if carrying this oh-so exclusive title means that I get to sip Chardonnay at the country club WHILE WEARING THIS GREAT DRESS, count me in! 

Shoshanna, Tab Waist Sheath Dress in Uneven Stripe, $360; Urban Expressions, Lagia Clutch in Gold, $40.

This is the kind of dress that makes me want to book an exotic vacay for the sole purpose of showing it off. Those bright colors! That amazing print! I’m obsessed and I NEED it, but I just can’t even look at it anymore because my bank account is already not speaking to me and purchasing this might just mean the end of our tumultuous relationship.

Shoshanna, Smocked Dress in High Tide, $276; Urban Expressions, Lagia Clutch in Gold, $40; Multi-layered Chain Necklace, $30; Judy, Bangles, $12.

How cool is the print of this dress?  It kind of reminds me of those Magic Eye books that everyone had in elementary school. No matter how hard I tried, I could never see the 3-D image…but in this dress, it doesn’t matter because you’ll look awesome and that’s NOT an illusion.

Shoshanna, Full Skirt Tank Dress in Multi, $360; Urban Expressions, Talia Clutch in Black, $49; Opera, Beaded Cluster Necklace, $23.

Sure, you could throw any old t-shirt or towel over your bathing suit as a cover-up, but why would you when you could look poolside glam in this relaxed piece?  It also doubles as a casual dress, which makes it a total necessity for the warmer days ahead. 

Shoshanna, Drop-waist Cover-up in Black, $205; Judy, Beaded Necklace in Turquoise, $9.

Like what you see?  We’ve got tons more Shoshanna at all four locations, so hurry in before our obsessed staff snaps up the best pieces (JUST KIDDING…we wouldn’t do that…right?)

Have an awesome weekend, Chic Girls!      


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