Annapolis Obsessions

Venturing out of my comfort zone and down to the idyllic shores of Maryland is a treat in itself, but hitting up the Urban Chic while I’m there is an entirely different story.  Our Annapolis store is packed full of wearable yummies dying to be pulled from the racks.  Like a kid in a candy story, I started at the front and worked my way back yanking out each of my favorites to ‘sample,’ but was easily distracted by the glittery accessories.  By the time I finished I was sweating – too much for this girl!– but I managed to get my hands on a few of my favorite things to share with you.  I know, I know, it literally feels like the North Pole outside, but I can’t say it enough – bring on the resort baby, I’m so ready for SPRING!  I hope you Chic Girls have had a fabulous, albeit frigid week – have wonderful weekends, you deserve it!

Leifsdottir Metallic Snake Jacquard Mini in gold combo, $358; Opera Necklace w/Leopard Pendant, $15. Right: Leifsdottir Floral Embroidery Blouse in antique, $248; Judy zig zag patterned scarf in brown, $20; Spring Street Necklace in gold, $49. James, 5 Pocket High Rise, in haute blue, $185.

Shoshanna Strapless Full Skirt Dress in magenta/ivory, $375; Spring Street Long Beaded Necklace in blue/green, $63.

Leifsdottir Piranha Dress in blue piranha, $298; Urban Expression Ugolina Bag in blue, $44; Opera floral Long Chain necklace, $19


Shoshanna Beaded One Shoulder Dress in Tomato, $395; Urban Expression Brooklyn Clutch, $35

Left: Milly Haley dress in navy, $350; Spring Street Necklace in gold, $49; Right: Milly Gathered Sleeve Top in azalea pink, $245; Opera Skinny Belt in white, $20; James High Rise Boot Leg in Boudoir, $163; Opera Floral Long Chain Necklace in silver, $19.

Shoshanna Tab Waist Sheath Dress in uneven stripe, $360; Spring Street Long Beaded Necklace in natural, $63.



P.S. Did you print out my lovely gift to you?!



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