Aruba, Jamaica…

…Gosh, anywhere but DC.  I am officially over Winter, and it’s what, mid-January?  While my budget (see previous post) doesn’t allow for a luxurious tropical vacation at the moment, or ever, I can still revel in the to-die-for resort wear we have at Urban Chic Georgetown.  And by revel I mean winterize – HELLO blazer, tights, and boots – I mean seriously, one look at my wardrobe and you’ll see  that I’m a total year-rounder (you should be too).  Basically what I’m saying is whether you’re headed to St. Barths for a weekend getaway (hate you) or looking to update your look in order to get through the rest of this absolutely miserable season, Urban Chic is obviously your place.  Enjoy your long weekends, Chic Girls, I know you deserve it!


Shoshanna Bandeau Top, $120, and brief, $66, Python Print
Rebecca Taylor Long Sleeved Blouse, $265; Leona Elsa Skirt, $191


Parker Cami Dress Pink Flower; $196
Diane Von Furstenberg Linda Wrap Dress, Ice Leopard, $345


Shoshanna Beandeau Top, $136 and Brief, $83, High Tide; Trina Turk Margaret Stripe Sweater, $228
Shoshanna Shirred Strapless Dress, Balinese Ikat; $340


Joie Lanelle Dress, $298

I’m dying.  For real.



P.S. we REALLY love this stuff…


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