Stella and Dot Event Recap

Hello Chic Girls!

Did you stop by the Stella and Dot jewelry show last week?  If you did, bravo!  If not…well, you can look at these pictures and be jealous.  It was AWESOME!  Fabulous jewels, fabulous people and a fabulous time!  Seriously, start marking your calendars – do you think I tell you these things for nothing?  I’m letting y’all in a huge secret!  So, see you next time, right?  Right. Could we be having more fun?  I think not, girlfriend(s)!


2 thoughts on “Stella and Dot Event Recap

  1. I would love to know the brand/designer of the red dress that is shown in two pics. . . it is somewhat boatneck with a side tie, and the girl sporting it is wearing cowboy boots and a long necklace. . . I just love it!


    • The red dress belonged to the visiting Stella and Dot rep, so unfortunately we do not have it (nor do I know who the designer is), but I’m sure you can find something equally as wonderful at Urban Chic 🙂

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