CHIC Girl Profile: The Trendsetting CHIC Girl

Cate Morse, Assistant Manager

Cate Morse, Assistant Manager

Name:  Cate Morse

Position:  Assistant Manager

Daily dutiesAs one of the managers, I am in charge of ensuring that everything in the Georgetown store runs smoothly.  To achieve this, I help oversee all of the salesgirls, make certain that the store is clean and looks presentable, handle transfers and of course, assist with the merchandising.  My most important job, however, is guaranteeing that Urban Chic’s customers receive the best service possible and that I have provided them with a comfortable and pleasant shopping environment.   Each and every day, my goal is to create a positive ambience in the store, and I always treat the customers the way I would like to be treated when shopping.

Top 3 style icons:  My top three style icons would be Diane von Furstenberg, Rachel Zoe and without a doubt, my mother.  DVF has created an empire solely based upon her ability to design clothes that perfectly fit all shapes and sizes of women.  She also never ceases to amaze me with each new collection – Her clothes feature fun and innovative prints while the tailoring is impeccable!  The DVF shift dress is always a go-to in my closet when I’m at a loss at what to wear, and let’s not forget her iconic, universally flattering wrap dress.  For some reason, I cannot get enough of Rachel Zoe (I’m even going to dress up as her for Halloween this year!) and I absolutely cannot stop drooling over her clothes and accessories!  I’m obsessed with her oversized, furry vests, huge sunglasses and obnoxiously piled-on accessories…This look is the epitome of Rachel Zoe!  Whenever I see a picture of one of her celebrity clients on the Red Carpet, they look flawless, and I know it’s her work.  Last, but certainly not least, my mother is one of my style icons.  Although she doesn’t dress to the nines on a daily basis, she always knows what is on-trend even before me, what styles work for her body (and mine!) and is not afraid to take risks and try something new.  For an evening out, she pulls together fabulous looks, which include the perfect cocktail ring and CHIC, new bag (I made fun of her years ago for carrying a messenger bag, but look who’s laughing now!).  More importantly, she has always given me the best fashion advice on everything from the fit of my jeans to the length of my shirts – She’s always had it right, and I should have started listening to her years ago!

Favorite celebrity style:  This is a fun one!  I extremely admire the styles of Blake Lively, Nicole Richie and Eva Mendes.  On Gossip Girl and in real life, Blake Lively looks flawless!  She knows what styles, shapes and colors compliment her body, yet her perfect outfits appear effortless.  I was obsessed with an orange Gucci dress that she wore this Summer and still can’t stop thinking about it – She has definitely mastered the blonde, tan, California-girl look!  I would also love to raid Nicole Richie’s closet.  I immensely enjoy her bohemian fashion and I love that she still rocks the original Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag…It’s simply the best!  My favorite outfit of all time would have to be a brilliantly colored, jewel-encrusted Missioni dress that she wore a couple of years ago.  It was genuinely beautiful!  Finally, Eva Mendes is one of my favorites simply because she has plenty of feminine curves and shows them off!  What woman wouldn’t appreciate this?  And of course, when styled by Rachel Zoe, she looks fantastic!

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received, read or heard:  Growing up, my mom consistently told me that if you find something basic that you love and fits you perfectly, buy it in every color!  She also advised me to never buy cheap shoes because they will immediately fall apart.  She said it was much wiser to invest in a nice pair that would last me longer.

Favorite trend of all time:  With no hesitation, black leggings!!!  I live and breathe in black leggings and am truly their #1 fan!  During the Fall and Winter, I wear them every day whether I’m at the grocery, work or out with friends on the weekends.  My favorite outfit is a pair of black leggings, flat boots and a big, furry vest.

Your very own fashion faux pas:  Unfortunately, there are many that I’m ashamed of!  From the ages of 10 to 12, I proudly rocked Gap Overalls in every color…every day!  And I have to admit that I wore low-rise jeans that were totally not the right fit for my body type.  My mother told me they looked terrible, and I regret not listening to her!

Worst fashion faux pas you’ve witnessed:  Um…mom jeans!  I truly become sad when older women walk into Urban Chic, and they think they can’t wear designer jeans because they are “too old.”  This is simply not true!  It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 65, you most certainly can find an amazing pair of jeans at Urban Chic that fit you well and are fashionable…So let’s retire those mom jeans!  Also, I can’t stand it when girls wear tops that are too short for them – Nobody wants to see your bellybutton and that era is so over!  I have an extremely long torso and manage to wear shirts that cover the top of my pants.  If I can do it, you can too!

2 favorite pieces in Urban Chic right now:  I am truly, utterly, completely obsessed with the robin’s egg blue Tibi coat that we just received!  Designed in the most gorgeous color, this coat has a perfect fit and features cute details – It’s the ideal Winter coat for the chilly D.C. weather.  Being from the South, I still haven’t quite figured out how to bundle up when it gets cold, and this is an awesome investment piece for me and anyone who is looking for that one Winter staple!  Another favorite of mine is the Hunter Dixon Owen Dress.  The perfect LBD with subtle flair, I adore the pleating and the band that goes across the rib cage – It creates such a flattering silhouette!  I would wear this LBD for any special occasion, and it will never go out of style.

Describe the perfect outfit for a holiday cocktail party:  For a holiday cocktail party, I always love to find that perfect dress that is both festive and fashionable while still remaining classy.  We all know that there is nothing worse than looking inappropriate around your parents’ friends!  Urban Chic has the ideal dress right now for such occasions, the Rebecca Taylor Metallic Party Dress.  Sexy and fun but still conservative, this dress fits like a glove! I love the bow detailing that embellishes the bust line, and the color is fantastically dazzling!  In this dress, you will certainly be a standout at any cocktail party this season!

Email to find out where to score Cate’s favorite pieces that were mentioned in this profile.


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