Positively Precious!

Trumpette Baby Moccasins and Socks in Butterfly

Trumpette Baby Moccasins and Socks in Butterfly

With their cherub-like faces and loveable laughs, babies and toddlers are undeniably adorable, but who says they can’t be CHIC too?  As a fashion loving mom, aunt or god mother, you simply can’t let your little one be caught in last season’s basic, dreary, black shoes…It’s time to pamper your sweet babe and let them sparkle and shine in Trumpette’s Baby Moccasins ($27.50)!  These super shiny, patent leather moccasins are possibly the cutest shoes we’ve ever spotted, and any good mama will appreciate the fact that they are designed with rubber bumps on the bottom to assist with walking and prevent slipping.  Sassy and sweet, these CHIC moccasins are a charming accessory to any onesie, dress or birthday suit and look positively precious when worn with Trumpette Baby Socks in Butterfly ($24.50)!  Start your little one off on the road to becoming a dashing stylista and purchase the Trumpette Baby Moccasins and Socks at Urban Chic Harbor East (410.685.1601).


One thought on “Positively Precious!

  1. PLEASE put your online ordering system back up and running! Please!
    I ordered about 7 things from you last year that way, and was hoping to order more this year since we live about 4-5 hours from your stores. I had also purchased several items when we were close to a store, but imagine how many loyal customers like myself are frustrated because they can’t order your lovely items

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