The Most Fabulous Tee

Alice + Olivia Flower Necklace Tee

Alice + Olivia Flower Necklace Tee

We confess that we’re positively obsessed with Alice + Olivia…but who wouldn’t be when you get a bonus accessory with your purchase of a CHIC garment?   A mastermind at designing fashion forward clothes that appeal to the general public, Alice + Olivia brilliantly produces pieces that also feature detachable belts and necklaces.  A simple tank dress might be accompanied by an edgy, wide belt with chain embellishments, which will look quite fab over a chunky sweater and leggings or with a cocktail dress.  Although you might not be able to wear that tank dress the very next day, you will be able to model the belt a few times that week and in a variety of ways!  With this genius concept in mind, we were more than giddy when we spotted the Alice + Olivia Flower Necklace Tee ($264.00) at Urban Chic Georgetown (202.338.5398)!  This basic, wrinkled tee is cleverly and craftily transformed into a well accessorized look by its detachable necklace.  Fashioned with rhinestones, flower details, assorted beads and a satin tie, this accessory is perfectly divine!  Style the tee and necklace with distressed jeans and sleek pumps for a casual day look and separately pair the necklace with a fancy frock for a night out with the girls.  Go ahead and indulge in this CHIC tee – It’ll feel as if you’ve purchased two exquisite items for the price of one!


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