CHIC Girl Profile: Polished CHIC Girl

Kelsey Reck, Assistant Manager

Kelsey Reck, Assistant Manager

Name:  Kelsey Reck

Position:  Assistant Manager

Daily dutiesAs the Assistant Manager, I oversee the sales staff, assist customers and handle business matters.  One of my main responsibilities has also become merchandising the store on a weekly basis, which includes producing innovative displays and ensuring that our new items are highlighted.  I’ve always loved interior design and decorating, and merchandising the Harbor East boutique allows me to explore this passion by finding creative ways to dress the mannequins, design table displays and lighting points and decorating the windows.

Top 3 style icons:  I swear I’m not partial to blondes but I adore the styles of Diane Kruger, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Diane is an icon who possesses timeless beauty and whose style is understated but never boring.  I greatly admire the way she mixes high-end pieces with vintage ones and selects clothes that fit her body and emphasize her best qualities.  Carolyn simply defines the word CHIC.  Polished and unassuming, she was truly a classy woman who kept it simple and let her natural beauty dominate her look.  Finally, I eagerly search for Gwyneth on the pages of magazines as she always looks flawless.  As a mother of two and a busy woman on the go, she proves that you can have all of this and still look stunning.

Favorite celebrity style:  I apologize, but they’re all blondes again!  I simply can’t get enough of Sienna Miller, Ashley Olsen and again, Diane Kruger.  Sienna is a genius at finding original ways to wear basics and she introduces an edge to fashion that translates into trendy yet tasteful ensembles.  I love that she exudes confidence in whatever she wears and always looks very comfortable in her own skin.  Ashley is undeniably an “it” girl and invests in high-end pieces.  Her look is polished and finished, yet at the same time, fresh and age-appropriate.  Yes, I have a small fashion crush on Diane!  Beautiful, smart and insanely CHIC, she appears on best-dress lists all over the world…And I guess it doesn’t hurt to have Joshua Jackson on her arm.  Talk about the ultimate accessory!

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received, read or heard:  I think it’s very important in fashion to learn everything you can about the quality and fit of your favorite pieces.  Once you find a design that fits you perfectly, I recommend investing in these basics, splurging a bit more than usual.  Purchasing these items will provide you with a wardrobe that will last for years, lowering your shopping expenditures in the long run and giving you infinite options when getting dressed.  If something you love and absolutely are dying to have doesn’t fit you to a tee, it’s okay to indulge on these rare occasions but be sure to get the garment tailored!

Favorite trend of all time:  Black!  This color has always been and will continue to be the ultimate CHIC color.  Black dominates my closet for a very good reason – It gives you many, many options for accessorizing, layering and mixing and matching!

Your very own fashion faux pas:  Uh oh…I’m definitely going to blush.  I owned koosh ball earrings and I once wre UGGs and a denim skirt together!

Worst fashion faux pas you’ve witnessed:  I know it’s hard not to put comfort first but I detest the business attire with tennis shoes look.  I understand that no one wants to be running to and from the office in their stilettos, but please opt for a simple pair of ballet flats!  They’ll serve the same purpose as your sneakers and save you from looking sloppy and from a major fashion faux pas!

 2 favorite pieces in Urban Chic right now:  So easy!  I’d adore purchasing the James Jeans Twiggy Sway Skinny Denim because they have a fabulous fit that works for everyone!  Stretchy and comfortable, I live in these jeans and insist that everyone try them on.  I also have my eye on the Elizabeth and James Cohen Shirt in Black and White.  This shirt fits like a dream due to its amazing detailing, which features a column of bottoms down the back that cinches you in at the waist.

Describe the perfect outfit for a first date:  Comfort creates confidence, and you want your date to remember that you looked quite ravishing rather than the fact that you kept pulling at your dress or readjusting your top. I would suggest keeping it simple yet CHIC and recommend the Ali Ro Painterly Print Cap Sleeve Dress.  To complete the look, style this charming dress with a classic Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini and Rachel Leigh Gold Bracelet.

Email to find out where to score Kelsey’s favorite pieces that were mentioned in this profile.


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