Accessories Galore

Rachel Leigh Jewelry

Rachel Leigh Jewelry

It’s been said that accessories can make or break an outfit, transforming a simple tee and jeans into a look that no stylista can resist.  If you’re not a believer in this philosophy, you will be after you adorn yourself in the fabulous, new accessories at Urban Chic Georgetown (202.338.5398).  Fashion-forward and versatile, Rachel Leigh is a line of jewelry that every CHIC girl should indulge in!  If you’re feeling daring and confident, we suggest making a statement in the Vintage Denim Millie Pendant ($175.00) or the Geometric Fringe Necklace ($175.00) – Both of these impressively bold necklaces look amazing with a tank and blazer or with a cocktail dress.  We also insist that all of you fashion loving ladies have a set of bangles that you can literally wear with everything in your closet and a basic necklace that can be layered with just about any other piece you own or are currently desiring.  If you’ve yet to purchase these accessories, it’s time for you to scoop up the Sweet Tooth Bangles ($92.00) and Lucky Turtle Necklace ($56.00).  See below for a full list of these CHIC and well-priced accessories!

Tobacco Rocker Band ($69.00)

Geometric Fringe Necklace ($175.00)

Vintage Denim Millie Pendant ($175.00)

Sweet Tooth Bangles ($92.00)

Suede Chain Cuff ($157.00)

Gold Les Baby Fishes ($92.00)

Lucky Turtle ($56.00)

Sweet Tooth Double Ring ($69.00)


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