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J Brand's Denim Leggings

J Brand's Denim Leggings

As soon as we spotted J Brand’s NEW Denim Leggings in the showroom, we couldn’t wait to get our CHIC, little hands on a pair.  Not only are these leggings sleek and sexy, but they are also super comfy and create the appearance of an exceptionally flattering pair of jeans!  With the perfect amount of stretch and designed with remarkably lightweight fabric, the new leggings will allow you to shop up and down Wisconsin Avenue all day long or dance the night away with your girlfriends while looking AND feeling fabulous!  Even fashion savvy Gwen Stefani snagged herself a pair and modeled them as she ran errands in LA.  Ever the trendsetter, Gwen styled her leggings with seductive, must have snakeskin pumps and layered tanks, and we’re in awe of this punk inspired, CHIC look.  We’d also die to pair these desirable leggings with a simple tee and boyfriend blazer or an oversized, chunky sweater and this season’s hot over-the-knee boots.  Urban Chic Georgetown (202.338.5398) and Harbor East (410.685.1601) will be receiving the Denim Leggings in the Sable ($165.00) and Pitch ($139.00) washes this week, and we have a sneaky suspicion that they won’t be in stores for long!  Come scoop up a pair and show off your gorgeous gams in these lavish leggings.


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