The Anti-Muffin Top Soiree

Thanks to Heather Thomson and her creation of Yummie Tummie, muffin tops were banished from the streets of Georgetown last night!  Heather has been a fashion designer and celebrity stylist for over fifteen years and brought not only her Yummie Tummie line with her but also an immeasurable knowledge of fashion to last night’s event.  Warm, amazingly witty and outgoing, Heather provided guests with tips on what to wear on Capitol Hill and how to downplay wide hips.  There was no fashion emergency that this personable fashionista couldn’t fix, and she, of course, introduced all of us to her smartly crafted and downright magnificent line of shapewear!  Yummie Tummie presents the modern woman with shapewear that is shockingly comfortable, fashionable and slimming!  Never before have we seen shapewear that is so incredibly sexy while actually getting the job done – Yummie Tummie faithfully smoothes the mid-section without suffocating you!  If you sorrowfully missed last night’s event, check out our pictures and see Heather in action!


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