CHIC Girl Profile: The Classic CHIC Girl

Misti Howard, Manager

Misti Howard, Manager

Name:  Misti Howard   

Position:  Manager

Daily dutiesAs a Manager, it is my responsibility to ensure that all clients receive the exceptional customer service that Urban Chic is known for.  My goal is to have every customer feel beautiful and stylish when she leaves our boutique, and of course, I want her to love all of her new purchases and return soon!  I also work hard to guarantee that all stores issues are being resolved, including inter-store transfers, inventory and hiring our friendly and stylish staff.  I have to admit that my favorite aspect of being a Manager is merchandising the store – It’s very important that Urban Chic always looks its best, and our merchandise is displayed in an enticing manner!

Top 3 style icons:  I can’t lie…I genuinely only have one but I promise she’s the ultimate pick!  Coco Chanel.  Timelessly classic, Coco Chanel had impeccable taste and a point of view that designers struggle to emulate and achieve to this day.  She’s the woman who made tweed suits simply CHIC and is a true fashion icon.

Favorite celebrity style:    I religiously follow celebrities’ style and am currently obsessed with Rachel Zoe, Kate Moss and Rachel Bilson.  Celebrity stylist extraordinaire, Rachel Zoe is a genius when it comes to piecing together the perfect look!  Her personal style is also flawless, and I highly admire her passion for vintage.  As for Kate Moss, think Top Shop! Besides Urban CHIC, this is the only other store I look to for inspiration.  Kate’s designs reflect her status as a bona fide trendsetter, and I constantly find myself looking forward to seeing her grace the pages of top fashion magazines to get a peek at what she’s wearing.  I simply love Rachel Bilson’s taste.  She smartly mixes a variety of styles and designers, creating an array of fabulous looks.  One day, Rachel will be boho CHIC but the next night, she will sport a rocker glam outfit or a classic look.  I believe her ability to do this is the true definition of style – mixing, matching and putting things together that the average girl could never even imagine.

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received, read or heard:  My grandmother constantly tells me, “Always look your best and fix your face.  You never know when you will lunch with the President or meet your future husband.”  Though I don’t always adhere to this sound advice (Sorry, Grandma!), I love fashion and believe your look reflects a part of who you are…so I always try to put a little effort into my outfit!

Favorite trend of all time:  Skinny jeans!  I’m short and petite and for some reason, I feel like they make me look taller…And let’s face it, what CHIC girl doesn’t adore a little extra height?  Skinny jeans also create an amazing silhouette and look quite fab with this year’s must have platforms!

Your very own fashion faux pas:  Back in the day, I had mall bangs…Yuck!  I don’t think any extra commentary is needed here.

Worst fashion faux pas you’ve witnessed:  The socks and sandals combo drives me insane – So bad!  Please save your sandals for the Summer and socks for sneakers or boots.  Thank you!

2 favorite pieces in Urban Chic right now:  I believe the Elizabeth and James Boyfriend Blazer in Black is an essential and perfect piece for Fall!  Worn over leggings and jeans or with a cocktail frock or CHIC mini, this blazer will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit and can take you from the office to a dinner date.  I also can’t wait to purchase the simply divine Theory Button Down in White.  Another versatile piece, I literally will wear this with everything!  Paired with a seductive tank and skinny jeans or tucked into your favorite pencil skirt with a sleek leather jacket, you’ll definitely want to snag this piece for Fall.

Describe the perfect outfit for a Cocktail Party:  I’m currently infatuated with the AKA New York LBD with Tri-Colored Rhinestones, which will make you steal the show.  Classy yet sexy, the LBD is always a perfect choice, and one shoulder dresses are smoking hot this season!  Add over-the-top chandelier earrings and heels in a fun hue to add a splash of color, and you’ll be simply stunning!

Email to find out where to score Misti’s favorite pieces that were mentioned in this profile.


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