Who’s That Lady?

Tibi Sleeveless Dress and Shift Dress in Pink

Tibi Sleeveless Dress and Shift Dress in Pink

Recognized by its use of vivid colors and bold, multicolored patterns, Tibi is a brand that can magically transform the average girl into a CHIC lady who turns heads and makes stimulating fashion statements.  If you’re in critical need of such a fashion makeover, we insist that you come to Urban Chic Bethesda (301.657.0290) and slip into the Tibi Sleeveless Dress ($328.00) and Shift Dress in Pink ($355.00).  Cut in the style of a vintage cocktail frock, the Sleeveless Dress features a form fitting silhouette and a dazzling fuchsia-like hue that we find rather enticing!  This dress was designed to show off the irresistible female figure, and the glowing color will grab you quite a bit of attention as well.  We adore the combination of the feminine silhouette with the fashion forward shade and can’t wait to style this stunning dress with massive chandelier earrings and sexy stilettos.  For a more casual look, the Shift Dress in Pink is a flawless choice.  The boho luxe print of the dress is beautifully unique and filled with gorgeous colors.  Belted or worn under a fitted leather jacket, this fun frock is easy to slip into for an outing with the girls or a movie with your crush.  Add CHIC tights and ankle boots or over-the-knee boots with hoop earrings, and everyone will be asking…Who’s that lady???


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