Ruffles Please

Theory Cacey Tunic Dress and Sunner Ruffled Tunic Dress

Theory Cacey Tunic Dress and Sunner Ruffled Tunic Dress

As little girls, many of us pranced around in ruffled dresses and even ruffled socks that our mothers cheerfully clothed us in and that we occasionally protested.  It’s now time to hold up the white flag and take a cue from our early days…This season, designers eagerly embellished their clothes with ruffles, recognizing that even the smallest ruffle can add a touch of femininity to an edgy ensemble.  Girly and flirty, the Theory Cacey Tunic Dress ($335.00) will make even the least curvaceous lady feel sassy and sexy!  For those of us who were born with straight, boyish figures, this remarkable dress is a dream come true.  Ruffles add volume to any silhouette, and the ruffled tiers of the Cacey Dress will produce an image of beautiful hips and a healthy bum!  For those of us who were blessed with curves, we suggest wearing designs that have ruffles located down the center of the garment.  The Sunner Ruffled Tunic Dress ($228.00) is the perfect frock for such a figure, and the tie waist will have a slimming effect!  You guessed it…We’re also crazy about these funky dresses because they’re plaid, which we can’t get enough of this season!  Although you might be tempted to think that the dresses’ black and white patterns are a bit dull , we love this neutral palette because it’s quite fun to style!  Slip into a pair of bold, candy red heels or carry a stunningly bright blue handbag to complete the look.  All items are currently available at Urban Chic Georgetown (202.338.5398).


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