A Note From The Blogger

Yes, that's me trying on dresses at Urban Chic Georgetown!

Yes, that's me trying on dresses at Urban Chic Georgetown!

You’ve read the blog, have religiously followed our style tips and enthusiastically purchased many of our “Must Have” items…It’s now time for you to meet the fashion loving team behind Living CHIC!  If you haven’t heard already, the girls and I are throwing a fun fête this Wednesday, July 22nd to officially launch Living CHIC.   Come savor the latest merchandise (We heard a little secret that Rebecca Taylor Fall pieces will be arriving just in time for the party), receive fashion advice from the Urban Chic Team and special guest, Stacy London, and well, simply have a fabulous night!  To get a feel for each of our personal styles, be sure to scan all of the CHIC Girl profiles.  As for me, my obsession with fashion and styling began a long time ago..I admit it, I was even voted “Best Dressed” in high school. I love girly yet CHIC pieces that have a bit of an edge to them – Think Alice + Olivia and Diane von Furstenberg!  I’m obsessed with accessories and the way they have a unique ability to transform an outfit.  That old dress will feel fresh again when paired with intensely large earrings or a jewel encrusted, statement making necklace.  Alright, so enough about me…you’ll get to see me soon enough!  On behalf of the entire Urban Chic Team, we are thrilled to have the chance to meet all of you devoted fashionistas and would like to say thank you for all of your support and encouragement!


Tracy, Living CHIC Blogger


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