CHIC Girl Profile: CHIC Girl With Timeless Style

Erin Ward, General Manager

Erin Ward, General Manager

Name:  Erin Ward

Position:  General Manager

Daily dutiesYou could call me the problem solver of Urban Chic!  I take on all store or management issues, including procedural, technical and personnel troubles, try my best to solve them in a responsible manner and then create new or improved procedures and policies.  It’s definitely a juggling act, but I love what I do and whom I work with – The Urban Chic Team is not only fashion savvy but sweet and genuine as well!  Plus, I get to wear stylish and fun clothes to work…what CHIC girl wouldn’t love that??

Top 3 style icons:  I’m simply mesmerized by Drew Barrymore’s style.  She channels the beauty and impeccable tastes of old-Hollywood starlets while moving with the trends and taking risks.  I love all of her looks on the red carpet, whether she’s wearing a bohemian inspired Maxi dress or couture gown – She just can’t go wrong in my eyes!  Kate Winslet is another red carpet beauty!  She makes glamour look effortless and also has that old-Hollywood vibe.  Her style would have worked in the fifties and will still be admired decades from now.  Michelle Pfeiffer is one of my all time favorite actresses.  She may not stand out as a fashionista in the gossip magazines or blogs but she has a classic style and look that I fully appreciate.  Crisp and clean, her fashion choices are flawless, truly working for her body and personality.  I also marvel at her ability to flow into the style of any of the characters she plays…from Scarface to Hairspray, she nails it!

Favorite celebrity style:    Dear Kelly Ripa, Do NOT fire your stylist!  Each day on her morning show, Kelly is wearing my favorite designers, including Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor and of course, Diane von Furstenberg.  Kelly also has impeccable taste in shoes – I love it when there’s a full body shot so I can see what hot stilettos or wedges she is wearing!  If I were Kelly’s size, I’d love to have a day to play in her closet.  Please don’t judge me, but I love the Olsen Twins.  Mary Kate and Ashley are not afraid to be themselves and push the boundaries of fashion, trying new looks and trends.  I’m also obsessed with the way they accessorize their outfits and their “walk of shame” look..leggings, an over-sized flannel and high, high, high heels!

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received, read or heard:  My mom loves to shop, and I guess you could say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  On one of our many shopping excursions, I remember her teaching me to NEVER wear anything that I didn’t feel and look fantastic in.  If you hate what you’re wearing, it could ruin your entire day!

Favorite trend of all time:  I can’t lie…I would have to go with knee socks!  I loved and I mean loved wearing mine in the nineties with my Mary Jane Docs and a mini skirt.  Don’t giggle, but I secretly wish they would come back in style.

Your very own fashion faux pas:  Eek!  This one can go down in fashion history…In college, I owned these two-toned (think aqua and electric blue), terry cloth platforms!  Let’s be honest, terry cloth does not belong on your feet, and to this day, I’m disturbed to think that many of my college peers will remember me as the girl who wore the blue platforms…

Worst fashion faux pas you’ve witnessed:  My pet peeve is tennis shoes and denim or tennis shoes worn with hose and a skirt.  Ladies, please only wear your sneakers to the gym!

2 favorite pieces in Urban Chic right now:  Oh, there are just too many amazing pieces in the store right now, but I must admit that I adore the Kaftan Dress by Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent.  The sleeves, empire waist and pattern are simply gorgeous, and I find the dress irresistible.  It’s the perfect look for an evening wedding or dinner out with your man!  I’m also crazy about the Vince Scrunched Ankle Leggings in Black.  I know there are so many leggings to choose from these days but I promise that these have the perfect amount of thickness and are easy to pair with oversized tops and blazers.  Either sexy heels or fun flats would look awesome with this outfit!

Describe the perfect outfit for dinner with your boyfriend’s parents:  For a night with your boyfriend’s parents, I understand that you want to look fashionable but appropriate – Nothing is worse than wearing an outfit that sends them the wrong message!  I’d recommend trying a Shoshanna strapless dress with a cardigan for such an evening.  If this look is too preppy for you, opt for a pretty blouse tucked into a high-waisted skirt.  The Julie Haus Punky Sono Skirt is a perfect option as it’s not too tight or short.  While you don’t want to compromise your style, it’s key to pick an outfit that is suitable for the occasion.

Email to find out where to score Erin’s favorite pieces that were mentioned in this profile.


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