CHIC Girl Profile: CHIC Girl With Impeccable Taste

Megan Hood, Buyer

Megan Hood, Buyer

Name:  Megan Hood

Position:  Buyer

Daily dutiesMy main responsibility is to work closely with the other buyers to ensure that Urban Chic has the best merchandise for our clientele and that we are keeping up with all of the current trends.  I am also in constant contact with all of our stores to make certain that they are fully stocked on accessories.  I love being in the stores because it gives me the opportunity to see what customers are buying and what works.  My favorite part of being a buyer is without a doubt the three to four times a year when I go to the markets in New York.  There is truly nothing better than previewing upcoming fashion trends and new lines – It’s great to have something to look forward to!

Top 3 style icons:  I literally live, breath and sleep Rebecca Taylor.  I have an entire section of my closet dedicated to her, and there have been weeks where I only wear Rebecca Taylor.  Her feminine silhouettes and sophisticated detailing epitomize my style.  All of her pieces, including tops, skirts, dresses and even shorts, are girly yet CHIC.  I truly love and envy Rebecca’s kittenish style and am especially looking forward to two of her Fall pieces – A faux fur vest and pale pink leather jacket!  Shoshanna Lonstein is another style icon whom I adore.  Shoshanna’s dresses are designed for bustier women with small waists, creating the most flattering fit!  Her clothes are preppy yet CHIC, and I love the way she styles all of her dresses.  For the past three years, Urban Chic has hosted a Shoshanna trunk show, and I always look forward to seeing her and what she’s wearing!  Last but certainly not least…Who doesn’t love Coco Chanel??  Her signature LBD and costume jewelry alone is enough to leave me speechless.  I love her elegant simplicity and what she represents in the fashion industry..timeless style.

Favorite celebrity style:    Lately, I’ve really been into Leighton Meester.  Maybe it’s because I secretly envy Leighton’s character, “Blair Waldorf” of Gossip Girl, but whenever I see her in magazines, I stop and admire her style.  I’m so envious of the way she wears her headbands and high-waisted skirts!  I literally gravitate towards Jennifer Aniston.  She makes looking stylish easy and seems to have a natural way with fashion.  I’m obsessed with the silver Valentino gown she wore to the Oscars this year – It was stunning and elegant!  I admit it, I think highly of Lauren Conrad’s style.  I know it’s a bit cheesy because she’s a reality star but I honestly think that she has developed a great sense of style.  Lauren’s clothing line definitely needs some tweaking, but she carries herself, from head to toe, in a very classy yet CHIC way.

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received, read or heard:  Go boobs or go legs…but not both!  It is essential that you choose only one to show off.  If you are wearing a short skirt or shorts, please, please don’t wear something too revealing on top.  Likewise, if you’re wearing a revealing top, opt for pants or something not very tight on the bottom.

Favorite trend of all time:  Rompers!  I am currently obsessed with my Rebecca Taylor Boogie Nights Jumper in Black.  Even though I own a ton of black, this jumper is very stylish, and I love to pair it with thrilling shoes and a bright, turquoise necklace.  I think rompers are fun and girly and can definitely be sexy at the same time because they look like a short dress!

Your very own fashion faux pas:  I just had a flashback of a picture from high school…pleather pants and a leopard cowboy hat.  YIKES!

Worst fashion faux pas you’ve witnessed:  As much as I LOVE 90210, I would have to say some of “Donna Martin’s” cropped tops and mom-like, high-waisted jeans were a little too much.  The mom jeans make me cringe, and come on “Donna,” let’s not show off the belly button at a family birthday party.  Oh wait, I was also never a fan of her white Keds and dress look!

2 favorite pieces in Urban Chic right now:  I adore the Rebecca Taylor Combo Dress in Black – The cream top contrasts with the black bottom and hot pink, exposed zipper, creating a unique but awesome mix.  This dress can easily go from work to dinner, and I would wear it with a black patent heel or even try to find the perfect magenta heel to match!  Yes, my other favorite piece is a Rebecca Taylor item as well.  The First Date Cheetah Cami rocks!  Created with one of her signature animal prints, this cami is feminine and flirty.  I would wear it with black shorts and a tan or gold espadrille.  The shirt is not too revealing so don’t be scared to wear short shorts and show off those legs!   The cami would also look hot with skinny, destroyed jeans and gold sandals and jewelry.  To make it appropriate for work, throw on an Elizabeth and James Blazer.

Describe the perfect outfit for dinner with your boyfriend’s parents:  The Milly Crochet Daisy Dress is ideal for a dinner with your man’s parents.  The dress is quite flattering but not too revealing for the mom and pop.  I would style the dress with gold flats and turquoise jewelry.  Since you are spending the night with the ‘rents, I’d also bring a white or navy cardigan to wear over the dress.

Email to find out where to score Megan’s favorite pieces that were mentioned in this profile.


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