CHIC Girl Profile: The All-Around CHIC Girl

Catherine Koch, Manager

Catherine Koch, Manager

Name:  Catherine Koch           

Position:  Manager

Daily dutiesAs a Manager, I am responsible for guaranteeing that each and every customer is receiving the outstanding customer service that Urban Chic is known for.  I want every woman who leaves the store to feel beautiful and be in love with her new purchases!  Behind the scenes, I ensure that all store issues are being resolved, which includes inter-store transfers, inventory checks, organizing / cleaning the store and arranging an outstanding staff.  Also, I relay any customer requests to our buyers to make certain that we are carrying everything our clientele needs and wants.

Top 3 style icons:  Each of these women are very different from each other, but I greatly admire them all.  I have loved Gwen Stefani since her days of pink hair, braces and studded bra straps.  She is a musician, designer and mom who is not afraid of what other people think and instinctively goes with what makes her comfortable.  Jackie Onassis…Who wouldn’t think this commendable, highly regarded woman is a style icon? Known for wearing beautiful, classic silhouettes, Jackie Onassis always looked crisp, smart and put together.  My third style icon is Edie Sedgwick, the beautiful disaster.  An icon in her own time, Edie fiercely wore shift dresses, tights, flats, oversized accessories and fur.  I have always been mesmerized by the retro sixties look and find that shift dresses are one of the most flattering pieces that a woman can own.

Favorite celebrity style:    Without a doubt, Reese Witherspoon.  I love that she often sports bold jewelry with neutral colors and never looks overdone.  She’s preppy but chic!  Katie Homes, circa Tom Cruise, is another favorite of mine – Hello, boyfriend jeans and flats!  Because of her, I bought my first pair of boyfriend jeans and never take them off.  Her style is unique and truly her own, and she only wears clothing that looks amazing on her figure.  Last but not least, Rachel Bilson.  Rachel has a trendy, very “in” style, but it’s not overkill.  I feel that she picks one hot item of the season and works with it – She never ventures too far from her own style.

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received, read or heard:  There is no need to fill your closet with clothes that you’ll never wear – Less is more!  I try to invest in versatile pieces that I can pair with what I already own.  I admit it, I have a million t-shirts, BUT you can tuck them into denim or skirts, wear them over leggings or peeking out of sweaters in the Winter.  If you’re a repeat offender like me, you simply style your favorite piece, like a t-shirt, with oversized accessories, scarves, cardigans and….Voila!  Although you might be wearing that good ol’ tee, no one will notice!

Favorite trend of all time:  High-waisted anything!  I have killer high-waisted Diane von Furstenburg jeans, which I absolutely, unconditionally love!  They are incredibly flattering yet super comfortable.  I’m also obsessed with Tibi’s high-waisted skirts – They come in great materials and fun patterns!

Your very own fashion faux pas:  Ugh…okay, I actually cut the waistband off a pair of jeans so it was frayed at the top.  My face is turning red just thinking about it…

Worst fashion faux pas you’ve witnessed:  Clothes that are worn about three sizes too small!  If you can’t bend over or try to reach above your head without your underwear showing, you have a serious problem.

2 favorite pieces in Urban Chic right now:   I adore the DVF Wiley Ruffle Wrap Dress – It’s the perfect LBD for Summer and will also take you into the fall.  For Summer, I would pair the dress with sexy, strappy sandals in a fun color or a bold necklace to add a punch.  As it cools off, I’d wear the dress with Loeffler Randall boots in a tan shade – It’d be a match made in heaven!  I can’t stop buying Alternative Apparel T-Shirts!  This brand designs fantastic v-neck tees that have a loose, relaxed fit and come in cool, heathered patterns.  I love wearing these tees with skinny jeans, a long necklace and chic sandals.

Describe the perfect outfit for a Summer Date:  For a Summer date, I would definitely pick out a pretty, strapless dress in a delicious color!  I’d bring a cardigan to place over my shoulders and would wear fun flats or wedges with the dress.  The Shoshanna Strapless Ruffle Dress in Poppy would be ideal for such an occasion!  It’s a gorgeous color and reveals just the right amount of skin.  The exposed zipper in the back is an extra detail that I find to be irresistible!

Email to find out where to score Catherine’s favorite pieces that were mentioned in this profile.


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