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Dylan George Jeans

Dylan George Jeans

Slip off your stilettos, put on your running shoes and sprint over to Urban Chic Georgetown (202.338.5398) because Dylan George Lucy Low Rise Skinny Czar Jeans ($209.00) just arrived!  Designed by fashion mastermind Danny Gueze, who was also the creative genius behind William Rast and People’s Liberation denim brands, Dylan George represents a refreshing approach to denim.  Expertly tailored, Dylan George has an ultra-flattering fit and prides itself in its choice of exquisite fabrics and handcrafted finishes.  The final product is a fashion forward denim that we can’t live without!  British beauty Kate Beckinsale, trendsetter Lindsay Lohan and Victoria’s Secret hottie Alessandra Ambrosio agree with us as well.  Take a cue from these CHIC celebrities and style the jeans with sexy pumps, bohemian blouses and edgy blazers.


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