Exotic Escapades

Joie Mason Top

Joie Mason Top

Fasten your seatbelts CHIC girls because we’re about to take you on a little holiday!  Not really, but the Joie Mason Top ($178.00) will have you feeling as if you’re on a safari in Africa.  This season, designers have been spreading their love of the jungle, and tribal prints and safari-inspired clothes have become one of the hottest trends.  Dare to walk on the wild side and come to Urban Chic Georgetown (202.338.5398) to hunt down the Joie Mason Top.  We paired this chic top with our favorite Current Elliot Love Destroyed Skinny Jeans ($216.00) and Mima Wood Carving Necklace ($242.00).  Not only does this necklace augment the tribal vibe of the Mason Top, but it is also half off right now!  What CHIC girl could turn down this fabulous deal?  To add a little sass to this trendy look, carry the Botkier Trigger Bag ($610.00), which is sure to make a statement.


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