CHIC Girl Profile: CHIC Girl About Town

Lauren Yalich, PR + Event Director

Lauren Yalich, PR + Event Director

Name:  Lauren Yalich

Position:  PR + Event Director

Daily duties:  My primary responsibilities include creating and executing Urban Chic’s events and acting as the liaison between Urban Chic and the media.  It is my job to ensure that Urban Chic is constantly in the spotlight and portrayed in a positive light, which will hopefully attract shoppers to our stores.

Top 3 style icons:  I’ve always greatly admired Coco Chanel because she knew exactly what she liked and did not question herself.  Her style and taste are undeniably timeless, as seen in her classic, tweed suits.  Diane von Furstenberg is another woman who has significantly contributed to the fashion world and whom I look up to.  She, as well as her clothes, radiate a certain womanliness and allow women to feel sexy.  I also love Audrey Hepburn – She is truly the epitome of class, elegance and grace.

Favorite celebrity style:  I’m obsessed with Sienna Miller’s, Cameron Diaz’ and Mischa Barton’s styles.  All three have an edge to them but are very different from one another.  Sienna Miller is not afraid to try new looks, which I love, but at the same time, I’ll always find her bohemian style irresistible.  I marvel at Cameron Diaz because she always looks fabulous and seems to really know what works for her.  Regardless of a trend, she’ll wear what makes her look her best.  To me, Mischa Barton is the girl that goes for the designer goods and trends.  I love seeing her on the red carpet in gorgeous gowns or walking down the street in the latest must have item such as high-waisted shorts.

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received, read or heard:  I’ve always followed this rule and will continue to do so until I’m not capable of picking out my own clothes…Dress for yourself!

Favorite trend of all time:  Neon!  The bright colors make a bold statement and put me in a good mood!  I love seeing that neon is making a comeback.

Your very own fashion faux pas:  Carrie from Sex and the City would definitely have called me out on this one…Scrunchies! 

Worst fashion faux pas you’ve witnessed:  Bleached out jean jackets – There’s just nothing great about them!

2 favorite pieces in Urban Chic right now:  My two favorite pieces would easily be the Alice + Olivia Chain Tank and Current Elliot Love Destroyed Skinny Jeans.  These pieces are both good staples to have in your closet, and I love that they have an edge to them.  The distressed wash of the jeans is very in this season, and the chain necklace on the tank makes it easy to accessorize.  I would actually wear these two pieces together and pair them with nude, open toe pumps and the Rebecca Minkoff Chain Clutch in Orange.

Describe the perfect outfit for a holiday cocktail party:  Shoshanna designed a great one-shoulder dress that comes in a variety of colors and fabrics and looks great with bold, chunky jewelry.  It’s an easy go-to for a holiday cocktail party!

Email to find out where to score Lauren’s favorite pieces that were mentioned in this profile.


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