CHIC Girl Profile: The Ultimate CHIC Girl

Lindsay Buscher, Owner of Urban Chic

Lindsay Buscher, Owner of Urban Chic

Name:  Lindsay Buscher

Position:  Owner of Urban Chic

Daily duties:  Although I’m the first to admit that fashion is fun and inspiring, I know that running a boutique requires a lot of hard work and dedication.  These days, I’ve been concentrating on the business side and have been managing the budget, placing clothing orders and of course, designing the new location at the Annapolis Towne Centre.  I also like to consistently talk to all three stores.   As the owner and founder, Urban Chic is my baby so it’s very important to me that the girls in the stores know that I’m interested and want them, as well as Urban Chic, to succeed.  The remainder of my days is spent responding to sales reps from the designers that we carry and forecasting what’s hot for the upcoming seasons, which is by far the best part of owning a boutique!

Top 3 style icons:  I’ve always admired Reese Witherspoon’s and Jennifer Aniston’s looks and tend to follow their laid back style.  I’m all about the boyfriend jeans this season – They’re so comfy, and I can style them in many different ways.  I also love wearing flips EVERYDAY during the Summer.  Flips today are colorful and embellished but are still great to run your errands in, play with the kids and shop!  When I go to a cocktail party or event, I love to pull ideas from Gwyneth Paltrow.  She is not afraid to take risks and seems to really know what works for her body.

Favorite celebrity style:  I can’t lie…If I could, I would watch Blair and Serena on Gossip Girl 24 hours a day.  They truly have amazing and innovative stylists on that show.  It’s also fun to see them wearing pieces that we’re currently selling in the stores!

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received, read or heard:  This is easy and straight to the point – Be aware of your body when you shop and are trying new trends.  If it doesn’t exactly work and you don’t feel like yourself, it’s simply not meant for you.  Certain trends can be very hard to pull off, so don’t feel like you have to go for it.

Favorite trend of all time:  I would definitely have to go with the DVF wrap dress.  It’s great to see such a huge trend during the 70s come back and with a vengeance!

Your very own fashion faux pas:  Oh, I totally jumped right on the trend of the matching Juicy track suit and Uggs… If only I had realized that they’re great pieces when separated!

Worst fashion faux pas you’ve witnessed:  I still laugh about this one-I once saw a woman wearing jeans with the entire rear end bleached out.  It’s not a flattering look and is still tough to beat!

2 favorite pieces in Urban Chic right now:  I would definitely pick Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent’s Maxi Dress in Navy – I love long dresses for the Summer, and the blank, navy canvas of this dress is perfect for accessorizing!  Bright, candy colored jewelry would look amazing against the navy, as well as a vivid fuchsia necklace – Neon is so hot this season, and I’m clearly obsessed!  Because I’m a huge fan of basics, I also love the Vince Summer Sweaters that we recently received.  They are light enough to wear on cooler Summer days and nights and are so easy to throw on over dresses, skirts and shorts.

Describe the perfect outfit for an afternoon cookout:  With all of the Summer holidays approaching like Memorial Day and Fourth of July, I can’t stop thinking about my outfits for those BBQ cookouts!  My go-to outfit for these occasions would include Paige’s Jimmy Jimmy Boyfriend Jeans and a bright colored James Perse T-Shirt.  Both of these pieces are comfy but chic!  To complete my look, I’d pair it with a chunky Kiki Beach Necklace and my new obsession, my Gladiator Sandals by Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent.  If I want to dress it up a bit, I’d snag one of Urban Chic’s new Shoshanna Dresses – the colors are so flattering against a tan, and you can’t beat the fit of a Shoshanna dress!

Email to find out where to score Lindsay’s favorite pieces that were mentioned in this profile.


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